Construction Of Melon Seed Grinding Machine

المنتجات الساخنة

The Design and Construction of a Melon Shelling Machine

energy absorbed beyond the elastic limit of the melon seeds as a result of impact force experienced during collision between the seeds and the stationery wall which results in the cracking and removal of the seeds shells. Unshelled melon seeds are fed into the machine through the hopper which opened directly into the shelling unit.


Design and Construction of Melon Shelling Machine

The melon seeds shelling machine is made up of a hopper, frame, shelling and cleaning device, parachute and prime mover. Three different seeds (6.99, 11.90 and 18.32%) of seeds were subjected to shelling operations with different shelling rates of 2500 and 1500 minutes, respectively, and the performance was evaluated.


Design and Development of Integrated Melon Processing

intermediate materials among stand-alone machines for melon shelling, melon shell and kernel separation, melon grinding and melon oil extraction. Performance Analysis of this machine indicated that it performed best at 9.7% melon seed moisture content, press temperature of 100 oC, blow-dryer heat rating of 1500W and shelling,



A grain grinding machine is an equipment used for grinding maize, beans, melon, millet and such other good crops. This equipment comprises essentially of an electric motor, belt, pulley, transmission shaft, hopper, mills, spiral conveyor and stands. These alleviate the rigours and problems house we encounter when grinding beans for the good stuff.


Shelled Melon Seeds Production and Its Applications

The melon seeds machine can separate kernels from shells automatically, and a melon seeds shelling production line can save time and labor for larger scale production. Melon Seed Oil Extraction. In the traditional way, the oil of melon seeds is extracted by squeezing the ground seeds by hand or on hard smooth wooden platform inclined gently to