Australian Coal

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Coal Geoscience Australia

Coal is Australia's largest energy resource and around 60% of the nation's electricity is currently produced in coal-fired power stations. Black coal is also used to produce coke (metallurgical or coking coals), which is mainly used in blast furnaces that produce iron and steel.


Australian Coal Exports Disrupted as Deluge Shuts Rails

Mar 22, 2021 Australian Coal Exports Disrupted as Deluge Shuts Rails, Slows Port MELBOURNE (Reuters) Coal deliveries to Australia's Port of Newcastle, the world's biggest coal


Australia Coal Price YCharts

Mar 03, 2021 The Australia Coal Price measures the price in US Dollars of one metric ton. Coal is the largest energy resource for Australia, which is why it is an important commodity to track. Historically, coal prices in Australia have been effected by floods. A large notable peak occurred in 2008, when floods caused the Australia coal price to surge as


China-Australia dispute: Coal blocked indefinitely by Beijing

Dec 14, 2020 Australian coal exports to China have been formally blocked after months of import restrictions that have thrown the $14 billion export industry into turmoil.


More than 50 Australian coal ships remain stranded off

Dec 24, 2020 More than 50 Australian coal ships are still stranded off China’s coast, held up by a Chinese government import ban, despite the country facing coal shortages and one of its worst power