Rotating Drum Cement

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Why Do Ready-Mix Concrete Trucks Have Spinning Drums?

Ready-mix concrete trucks will either work as a cement agitator or mixer, depending on the type of concrete that is being delivered to the construction site. By turning, the trucks help to keep concrete at the right consistency by continually mixing its components in the drum.


12 Types of Concrete Mixers Used in Home Improvement and

The mechanism involves a large motor rotating the drum on the body of the truck and a series of blades which keep the mixture in constant motion and prevent the concrete from becoming hard. Most cement manufacturers advise keeping the time between mixing and pouring the cement


Design and Calculation of a Concrete Mixer (100 kg)

In general, batch concrete mixers are two types; a. Drum type concrete mixers b. Pan type concrete mixers . 1.1. Drum Type Concrete Mixers . This is also called as free fall mixer or gratify mixer. In this type of mixer, concrete is mixed by lifting the ingredients with the help of fixed blades insides a rotating drum


Drum Mixer

Single drum rotating about a horizontal axis. Fixed blades work the concrete towards the discharge end of the mixer, in order to provide a rapid rate of discharge. The typical capacity is 1 CY. Split drum mixer: The drum, rotating on a horizontal axis, separates into two halves, allowing the concrete to be discharged cleanly and rapidly.


Types of Concrete Mixers based on Volume, Mixing time and

Rotating drum Mixer Reverse type (R) Reverse type concrete mixers are available in the volumes of 200R, 280R, 375R, 500R and 1000R. They are just like NT mixers, but their drum can rotate in opposite direction during discharge hence segregation of concrete is avoided.


Cement Packing Machine Rotary Cement Packing Machine

The cement packing machine can be divided into a fixed type and rotary type. The fixed type usually has 1-4 cement discharging nozzles. The rotary type includes 6-14 nozzles and operates in a rotating way to realize the automatic cement bag filling. AGICO is a professional cement equipment manufacturer.